微软处境不佳 Windows Blue被寄予厚望

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本文摘要:With hope fading that Microsoft Corp.s new Windows 8 software will reignite computer sales, attention is already shifting to the companys next big effort to regain relevance: Windows Blue.对微软公司(Microsoft Corp.)新的操作系统Windows 8挽回电脑销售的期望显得更加明


With hope fading that Microsoft Corp.s new Windows 8 software will reignite computer sales, attention is already shifting to the companys next big effort to regain relevance: Windows Blue.对微软公司(Microsoft Corp.)新的操作系统Windows 8挽回电脑销售的期望显得更加明朗。市场注意力也早已改向该公司重振旗鼓的下一个主要项目:Windows Blue。

Microsoft has yet to formally define the software project. But Windows Blue is expected to mark a major change in the companys development methodology, replacing major launches of products every several years with frequent updates of features in operating software and applications such as Office.微软公司还没月定义这个软件项目。但是Windows Blue预计将标志着公司发展方式的一个根本性转变,仍然间隔数年公布根本性产品,而是频密地对操作系统和Office等应用程序展开改版。

That model is common in Internet services and apps, markets where Microsoft is determined to play a larger role. Some analysts think Windows Blue will help bring together efforts such as Windows 8─which is targeted at tablets and personal computers─and the Windows Phone software for smartphones.这种模式在互联网服务和应用程序中十分少见,微软公司于是以下定决心在上述市场中扮演着更大的角色。一些分析人士指出,Windows Blue将有助统合Windows 8和Windows Phone的优势。

Windows 8针对的是平板电脑和个人电脑,而Windows Phone针对的则是智能手机。Windows 8 was about birthing a new model of applications, essentially a tablet model, said IDC analyst Al Hilwa. Blue is the next milestone in this plan. It brings the phone and PC platform closer together and makes both more compelling.国际数据公司(IDC)的分析师席尔瓦(Al Hilwa)说道,Windows 8是为了促成一个应用程序的新模式,特别是在是一个平板电脑的模式。Blue是该计划的下一个里程碑。它使手机和个人电脑平台的关系更为密切,让这两种产品都更加有吸引力。

The stakes for Windows Blue rose this week when two market research firms reported that shipments of PCs fell by double-digits percentages in the first three months of this year.Windows Blue的重要性本周更进一步下降。两个市场研究公司公布报告说道,今年前三个月,个人电脑的出货量经常出现了两位数的降幅。Figures from IDC and Gartner Inc. released Wednesday showed Windows 8 hasnt spurred much demand for PCs or tablets running the software. IDC leveled particularly harsh criticism at the software, saying some consumers were turned off by its touch-based interface.国际数据公司(IDC)和Gartner Inc.周三发布的数据表明,Windows 8还没需要性刺激人们对配备该软件的个人电脑或平板电脑的过于多市场需求。

国际数据公司对这款软件明确提出了特别是在严苛的抨击,称之为这款软件的触屏交互界面让一些消费者自由选择退出出售。The surprisingly steep drop─IDC called it the worst since it began releasing quarterly numbers for the software in 1994─caused a selloff in PC-related stocks Thursday. Microsofts stock price slipped 4.9% Thursday afternoon to $28.82, after the companys stock price had touched a six-month high Wednesday.国际数据公司说道,这是1994年开始发布这款软件的季度数据以来最差劲的展现出。



A spokesman for Microsoft had no immediate comment Thursday.微软公司的一名发言人周四没立刻置评。Hewlett-Packard Co., the largest PC maker and a major Microsoft customer, showed the steepest decline in shipments in the first quarter, with a 24% drop, according to IDC. H-Ps stock fell 6.4% to $20.86 in recent trading.根据国际数据公司的数据,惠普(Hewlett-Packard Co.)第一季度的出货量降幅仅次于,超过24%。


But executives at Microsoft and partners such as Intel Corp. have acknowledged there is more work to do to encourage a wider array of touch-screen computing devices powered by Windows 8, and at lower price points.但是微软公司以及英特尔(Intel Corp.)等合作伙伴的高管们否认,要想要希望电脑厂商们发售更好更加低廉的Windows 8触屏电脑设备,还有很多工作要做到。Intel, which supplies microprocessors that serve as calculating engines in most PCs, is emphasizing a new line of battery-conserving chips that is known by the code name Haswell. The chips are expected to display much more sophisticated graphics and extend battery life on portable computers to eight to 10 hours.英特尔为大多数个人电脑获取微处理器,微处理器相等于电脑中的计算出来引擎。


英特尔目前正在专心于一个代号为Haswell的新型节电芯片产品系列。这些芯片预计将需要展出更加简单的图形,将便携电脑的续航时间缩短到八至10小时。Microsoft also has offered price breaks on its Windows software meant for a new class of simple PCs known as netbooks and seems to be responding to a market shift in consumer demand toward smaller tablets.微软公司还上调了一些Windows软件的价格。这些软件针对的是被称作上网本的新一类修改个人电脑。

与此同时,该公司或许正在对消费者市场需求改向更加小尺寸的平板电脑作出对此。The company last year entered the market itself with the tablet known as Surface, just as products such as Apple Inc.s iPad Mini spurred demand for smaller models. Microsoft is now preparing a similarly small model with a seven-inch display, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.微软公司去年凭借Surface平板电脑转入这一市场。当时,苹果公司(Apple Inc.)的iPad Mini等产品性刺激了消费者对更加小型号平板电脑的市场需求。

《华尔街日报》周三报导说道,微软公司正在打算一款类似于的小型平板电脑,这款平板电脑将享有7英寸的显示屏。Executives at Intel and Microsoft have said they expect new computer chips and other advancements to drive down the cost of touch-screen laptops to as low as $500 or $600. For now, there are very few Windows 8 touch-screen computers on the market for less than $550.英特尔和微软公司的高管说道,他们预计新的电脑芯片和其他方面的改良将使触屏笔记本电脑的成本降到500美元或600美元。

目前,市场上完全没价格高于550美元的Windows 8触屏电脑。Some on Wall Street arent waiting for a new spark for PC and tablet demand. Analysts at Goldman Sachs and Nomura Securities downgraded their recommendations on Microsoft shares on Thursday, contributing to a selloff in the companys shares.华尔街的一些人并没冷静等候个人电脑和平板电脑市场需求取得新的提振。高盛(Goldman Sachs)和野村证券(Nomura Securities)的分析师周四上调了对微软公司股票的评级,造成该公司股票被挤兑。

Goldman said investors should sell Microsoft shares, while Nomura downgraded the stock to neutral from buy.高盛说道,投资者不应售出微软公司股票。而野村证券则将这只股票的评级从“买入”上调至“中性”。Goldman Sachs said Microsoft needed to do more to court consumers rather than the corporate customers that are Microsofts major source of profits.高盛说道,微软公司必须采行更加多行动来顺应消费者,而不是作为微软公司主要利润来源的企业客户。